Clear the Clutter and Run a Better Business

Physical clutter can often lead to disorganization, stress and unproductivity. Break this cycle by doing a few simple things and smooth out the unnecessary wrinkles in your small business operations.
• Organize your loose papers, contracts, marketing materials into folders
• Store old or dated folders in boxes or cabinets clearly labelled and easily accessible
• Make sure your desk is clean of anything that does not pertain to your current projects
• Create folders on your computer and keep files clearly labelled and organize by dates and projects
• If you have 10 calendars, 5 planners and 20 different notepads all being used simultaneously, stop. Fragmenting your plans and notes will leave you feeling less organized.
• Find an all-in-one solution or product. Choose one offline method and a few computer and online solutions that can cover all your needs.

Use daily To Do Lists


2 responses to “Clear the Clutter and Run a Better Business

  1. Great advice Andrew. If folks are looking for more tips on an organized workspace, check out this 10 week series in preparation for Organize Your Desk Day on October 21st., Clare Kumar (Chief Organizer at Streamlife, an organizing company and writer of the aforementioned series).

  2. Organizing your office is about maximizing your efficiency. By having everything in its own place, you'll know where to find whatever you need at a moment's notice, giving you the potential to become a more productive employee.

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