Good PR is in the Details

For small businesses, sometimes the best public relations strategy is to start internally. With budget restraints, businesses need to take a look at how they can put their best foot forward without having to hire a PR person. Word of mouth marketing can lead to PR so remember these best practices from the minute you open for business.

  • You are your business regardless of the standard business hours. On and off the clock, you must represent your business, promote your business and make sure your actions are in line with your company’s best interest.
  • When starting a small business, pay attention to all of your branding assets. You want something that stands out, entices attention and portrays your brand values. Take the time from the start because re-branding can be quite a headache.
  • Don’t burn bridges by bad mouthing your competition. You may not like or agree with the way they conduct business but ridiculing another business is a fast way to kill potential connections, referrals and future partnerships.
  • A budget-friendly inbound marketing strategy that could bring about PR is blogging. Write good content and consistently. This is a good way to become part of the dialogue and become a notable expert.
  • Take every opportunity to build your contact database and introduce yourself to everyone you meet. Don’t forget your business cards.

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