Use Systems and Work Less

Systems help you run your business. They are designed to ensure things are done consistently and uniformly, regardless of who is doing it. Developing great systems early on will help you run your business much more efficiently and allows you to train new people quickly with less confusion. It is important to have good people on board to run your systems.
You must lead your employees in the areas of marketing, sales, administration, human resources and financial. Make sure systems are in place for the following areas of your business:
– Letterhead
– Overall look for your company.
– A process must be in place to respond to customer requests.

– Lead tracking system
– Templates for proposals, letters contracts
– Follow-up system
– Telephone script with questions

– Mail centre
– Shipping
– Bookkeeping
– Invoicing

Human resources
– When you hire an employee
– Performance reviews
– Contractors

– Software
– Financial statements
– Ratios
– Departmental Gross Profits


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