Entrepreneurship is a Doing Thing – Not Something You Can Learn Just by Reading Books

Although there are plenty of books and resources you can turn to for advice, one thing to remember is, the most valuable lessons are gained from doing, trying and even failing.

We found this article from Toronto’s Ryerson University quite inspiring. Here is an excerpt:

“Starting your own business is a learning experience like no other.

For entrepreneurship students in the Ted Rogers School of Management, starting their own business is an experiential opportunity that caps their four years at Ryerson. Fourth-year students in the Entrepreneurial Organization Appraisal course are given start-up funds to launch an entrepreneurial venture. The young business owners borrow up to $1,000 from a fund, financed by the John Dobson Foundation.

Professor Steve Gideon says this course builds the foundation for students who want to be entrepreneurs down the road.

Entrepreneurship is like learning how to play the guitar. You don’t learn to play the guitar by reading books. You learn until you get blisters on your fingers. With this course, I try to get students to grow their entrepreneurial muscles and the way you grow muscles is to push yourself beyond your limits,” Gedeon said.”

So remember, all the books and advice in the world cannot prepare you for the realities of building your own business, so start somewhere and take stock of all the mistakes and lessons along the way.

For the rest of the article, read here:  http://www.ryerson.ca/news/news/General_Public/20100804_loan.html


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