How to Develop The Perfect Business

When you are developing a business plan, keep these objectives in mind:

Develop a business that works with or without you: You may think of your business as your baby, and just like children, you have to raise them to be self-sustaining. Build a business with a solid foundation and infrastructure, not a business where you are juggling all the balls yourself.

Develop a business that allows you to enjoy your life: When your home life suffers so does your work life. While developing a business, make sure you have accounted for some free time. Create a structure that allows for time to enjoy family and friends as they are your pillars of support. Find time to pursue other hobbies. The things that make you enjoy life will propel and motivate you in business.

Develop a business you can sell: Although this might not be your ultimate goal, it is still important to create something viable to sell. Developing a business worthy of acquiring means building a business that has mass appeal, is a strong competitor in the market and has great potential to grow.

Remember that a business that works:

  • Offers its customers consistent value
  • Offers consistently good service
  • Has great systems
  • Projects a professional image
  • Can be replicated or franchised

Have you developed this kind of business yet?

Read the: The Emyth Revisited by Michael Gerber to learn more


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