How to Hire The Right People to Help Your Business Grow

Traditionally, it was standard to want to hire based on qualifications determined by standard education and past work or volunteer experience. The higher the level of education, the better.  The more years of relevant work experience, the increased likeliness of being a trustworthy employee.

While this standard is not necessarily flawed, neither is it complete. If you are looking for a staff to complete the day-to-day and nothing more, this measure might be enough. If you are looking for people who will go above and beyond to innovate and grow your business, try hiring beyond their CV.

So what else should you be looking for?

  • Proactive problem-solving: Has this person every tackled a problem without being asked to and did they communicate their solution to a superior in order to create a better way for every one else? This quality separates
  • Thinker versus Doer: Being intellectual is great for conversation and idea generation, but if you want your business to grow, you need to hire people that execute action plans, not those who just write them.
  • Fearless: Joining a small business is always a risk. The returns are not always apparent and sometimes the work can be draining. Find people that thrive on challenges and doesn’t mind teetering on the edge from time to time. These people rise to the occasion with a better work ethic and increased respect for the work and success of small businesses.
  • Passion for life: This might seem obvious or even silly, but if you want someone to sink their teeth into their role, they must possess an innate desire to learn, succeed and grow. Those who work for wealth may never invest themselves in your vision.  They should take pride in themselves and have an insatiable curiousity.

One response to “How to Hire The Right People to Help Your Business Grow

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