Ready… Set… Grow Your Business – IDEAHUB Port Hope Business Incubator

IDEAHUB Port Hope’s Business Incubator at 260 Peter St. in Port Hope, Ontario is the place to be. Established this April 2010, IDEAHUB is for entrepreneurs ready to launch a business or move from home-based operations, graduate students looking to execute a business plan, or existing organizations with a small team developing new products or services. Supported by private and public partnerships, IDEAHUB offers business support services and high quality offices at low entry lease rates.

Business incubation is unique. It provides a venue with administrative and business support services to help entrepreneurs establish a strong business base in the critical first three years of operations.

IDEAHUB models other business incubators across the nation with the idea of helping new small business prosper; 87% of incubated businesses are still in business 5 years after graduation[i]. What IDEAHUB has in common with other incubators is professional office facilities designed to nurture and grow new and emerging small business.

There are several amenities an entrepreneur can need: office space, a desk, chair, phone and internet service, meeting space, a professional atmosphere and publicity. Especially important are know-how and perseverance. IDEAHUB provides all of the above support and allows entrepreneurs to decrease the time and financial investment it takes to get set.

New companies at IDEAHUB can grow with the necessary support services in place, and focus on marketing their new company while engaging with like-minded professionals.

Business Plans are accepted and reviewed in confidence by IDEAHUB’s Business Incubator Management Advisory Committee. Aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to become member companies, but don’t have a complete business plan, IDEAHUB staff and partners can help. Just email or call 1-877-356-IDEA

Visit for more information.

[i]Major study done by the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA)


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