Ebay Canada Entrepreneur of the Year

This year’s Entrepreneur of the Year awards program includes two new categories, in addition to the Entrepreneur of the Year title, two new prizes are up for grabs:

  • The Innovator of the Year (someone who uses innovative practices – like Twitter – to engage and attract customers).
  • The Family-Run Business of the Year.

Entries are accepted until August 15th at www.ebay.ca/entrepreneurs. Feel free to share the full details (included in the release below) with others.

Did you know?

  • Last year, the average Canadian eBay user purchased almost $400 worth of goods.
  • Over the last 10 years, Canadians have purchased more than $7-billion worth of goods on eBay.
  • More than 5.7-million Canadians have bought an item on eBay.
  • Approximately 850,000 Canadians have sold an item on eBay.
  • Since 2000, 114-million items have been sold by Canadians on eBay.
  • Canadians now buy more than $1-billion worth of goods on eBay every 12 months and sell more than one-million items every month.

2 responses to “Ebay Canada Entrepreneur of the Year

  1. Sorry but the Ebay business model for small businesses doesn't work anymore. Ebay is not interested in the small seller. They now cater to large companies. At first, Ebay was great place for small business, then it was a great place for small business to market themselves, and now it can be a complete waste of time. Put your control in your hands and not Ebay's. Best option now is your own website and market your site with social media. Trust me. That's the new business model.

  2. On a side note just look at last years winner “knetgolfcanada” .They only have 127 listings right now (in the middle of the gold season) and do you think they have a website?? Absolutely.

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