8 Things I Learnt While Attending the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa

  1. Using cloud computing I can work from anywhere in the world. I presented my regular webinars using WebEx.
  2. If you give people a deadline they’ll often achieve it. Most people said that South Africa would never be ready for the world cup but they were.
  3. Small business is thriving in South Africa. Remove red tape and let small business do their thing. small business owners were selling hot chocolate, coffee and “boerewors” rolls (South African sausage) at all the stadium parking lots.
  4. Sport encourages people to be more patriotic. Everybody in South Africa participated in the world cup and encouraged  tourists to enjoy the country
  5. There are great opportunities to do business in South Africa. It has a thriving economy that is growing
  6. Relationships are important in business. People I did business with  7 years ago asked to meet with me to discuss business opportunities
  7. South Africa has some superb locally grown retail and franchise businesses that just as good or even better than many retail stores in the “1st world”
  8. Small businesses face the same challenges globally

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