Find Your Niche and Make Money – Opportunities for your Small Business

If you’re a passionate entrepreneur, you’re probably also an opportunist—as you should be. If you have immense drive and ambition with the desire to be your own boss but lack a clear vision of what type of business you would like to build, why not investigate growing small businesses of the future?

 Business is about demand and supply, problems and solutions. If there are gaps in products and services, it is your challenge AND opportunity to go above and beyond to fill these gaps. Start sprouting your ideas in these markets:

  • Residential and commercial maintenance
  • Training, coaching and mentorship services
  • Internet-based services and e-commerce
  • Products and services for aging population (baby boomers)
  • Health, fitness and nutrition
  • Care for the aged
  • Childcare and extra-curricular activities for youth
  • Consultants (in a variety of expertise)
  • Home décor and home improvement
  • Security services
  • Export – Small businesses should explore the international market. 

 Every small business should be exploring opportunities to export their product or service.  If not throughout the world, at least throughout North America.


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