Signs You’re Surrounded by Brilliant People

When you surround yourself with innovative, creative, and motivated self-starters, you’ll start to notice things changing around you like your ideas about work, life and success.  Most importantly, you’ll start to notice that attitude is fairly contagious.

Here are a few signs you’re surrounded by brilliant people:

  • Meeting for coffee usually ends in scribbles on a napkin or an all-nighter developing a business idea
  • Brainstorming is a daily occurrence
  • You stop daydreaming and start doing
  • You scoff at overnight success, even Google was turned down by some VCs
  • You spend a lot of time genuinely happy for someone else’s accomplishments
  • You have a lot of people genuinely happy for your accomplishments
  • You welcome criticism because it’s likely constructive
  • You hear less I hate my job’s and more I love what I do’s
  • You start to realize that where there’s a problem, there’s a solution—and  that means there is probably a business
  • No is just not an option. It’s an opportunity to prove something

When you meet a person or a group of people who are passionate ambassadors of loving what you do and being your own boss, it’s difficult not to feel inspired to do more and create something that is your own.


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