Do your homework, perfect your pitch

If you are building a small business and seeking investment, you probably feel confident that you know YOUR business inside out. You’ve probably written and rewritten your PowerPoint slide deck more than once and have rehearsed your pitch to anyone who would listen.

Remember, however, while VCs and other investors might be interested in a variety of projects, there is usually a pattern and strategy to their choices. Besides knowing what you want to say, you should also know what your investors are looking for.

Here are 5 things you can research about your investors:

  1. What are their recent investments?
  2. How recently have they invested in a business at a similar stage as yours?
  3. How much involvement do they usually expect to have in the business?
  4. What business connections/mentorship can they provide you?
  5. How would your business fit into their investment strategy?

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