7 Disadvantages of Being an Entrepreneur

  1. You will not get a regular monthly salary – how much you make will depend on how good business is.
  2. You risk losing everything you have worked for – some of the most successful business owners have failed before.  You can always make a comeback.
  3. Successful business owners have all failed at some time in their life.  Failing is sometimes good for an entrepreneur, as long as they learn from the experience.
  4. Inexperience – you will have to learn a whole lot of new skills.  You can fast track this by attending business courses and consulting a mentor or good business advisor.
  5. A change in lifestyle – you will be working long hours initially.  As your business develops and you become more organised, your lifestyle improves dramatically.
  6. You can’t pass the buck – you are responsible for every decision you make in your business, good or bad.  Bad decisions can cost a lot of money.
  7. You have to be a Jack or Jill of all trades initially.  You have to understand a little about each section of your business.

2 responses to “7 Disadvantages of Being an Entrepreneur

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