Get help without hiring

Small business owners have a lot to do. For most entrepreneurs there simply isn’t enough time in the day. If you’re having trouble getting it all done but don’t have enough money to hire an employee, consider these options to bring in some help:

  • Outsource. If you’re charging clients $100 an hour it’s a mistake to hang on to a task or function that can be done by a supplier for less than you earn. Consider offloading tasks such as bookkeeping, cold calling or office cleaning so you can focus on customers.
  • Freelancers. A freelancer is an expert you can hire temporarily to complete a project, such as designing your new website. Not an employee, a freelancer will likely have other clients but can allocate a few hours each week to your assignment.
  • Interns or Placement Students. High Schools, colleges and universities often require students to complete some on-the-job time as part of their education. Contact your local school to investigate options.
  • Government programs. Provincial and federal governments offer dozens of programs and incentives to business owners to take on people, from Employment Insurance funded placements to wage subsidies. Visit for help.
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