12 sites for women and moms in business

1. www.Urbanmoms.ca
2. www.marketing4moms.com
3. www.womenonthefence.com/blog
4. www.bossymama.ca
5. www.corporatemomdropouts.com
6. www.mompreneurclub.com
7. www.mominventors.com
8. www.ladieswholaunch.com
9. www.amomentrepreneur.com
10. www.themomentrepreneur.com
11. www.livingmymoment.com
12. www.momprenette.com

If you have any other great sites for women in business, please ad them as comments below.


10 responses to “12 sites for women and moms in business

  1. marketing4moms

    A great selection of web sites!

  2. I've saved this page and will definitely be checking all these out. Thanks!

  3. helpitcrashedagain

    Supporting the womens entrepreneur movement in a big way:http://www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com

  4. Check out http://www.mickelevents.com for great networking opportunities for women in business

  5. I am just starting to market my business online. My new website for moms who want to start thier own business is listed below. http://chelseablake.marketingmoms.biz

  6. I'm a mom — that loves designing for moms!I'm a graphic designer and web designer. Learn more here: http://www.sliq.ca

  7. The 12 of us need to get onto a teleconference and brain storm ways we can all work together! Anyone interested?

  8. We have an amazing website where we Market & Promote referred “Small Businesses”

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