Fast Growing Young Companies Create Jobs

According to research done by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation:

Despite their relatively small numbers, fast-growing young firms generate approximately 10 percent of new jobs in any given year

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With this in mind if we offered you a FREE Business Course over 5 weeks twice a week in the evenings where we’d teach you “How to Build a Successful Small Business” Would you attend?

Over the last 14 years that I have trained business owners. The most successful business owners we have trained:

  1. Attended a BizLaunch business training program where they learnt how to develop a business plan and business model
  2. Have a few mentors they meet regularly with
  3. Work harder than the average person
  4. Have a great attitude
  5. Create jobs

To build a great economy you need to:

  1. Identify entrepreneurs with a great attitude
  2. Teach them how to build a successfull business
  3. Help them perfect their business model
  4. Offer them on-going mentorship and coaching
  5. Offer them the opportunity to network locally and internationally with people that can help them grow their business

….. and they’ll create jobs. So if you’re in Economic Development follow these simple steps and you’ll grow the economy and create jobs.


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