Sell Your Services Globally

I am in Svetlogorsk, Russia training small business advisors and really enjoying myself. The more I work internationally the more I realise the only thing that stops you growing your business globally is your confidence. If you offer a great service in Canada why can’t you sell it anywhere else in the world?

• To grow your business internationally focus on developing great relationships

• Accept that there are some cultural differences but the basic business principles are the same everywhere

• Do research on the country you’re visiting but remember you’re the expert. So share your expertise and knowledge

• Get a good interpreter that understands you and gets your point across

• Be prepared to answer lots of questions about your country and how similar or different it is

• Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions

• Try the local foods, spend time with locals and tour cities you visit

Travel, see the world and make money


One response to “Sell Your Services Globally

  1. This is certainly something I hope to do. I'm currently doing business in the US too but that's relatively easy compared to overseas. I have hopes on China especially but would probably have to learn some Mandarin.

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