You Still Need a Business Plan

Business Plan

It’s 2010 there’s new technology, online tools and change but you still need a business plan.

  1. It forces you to arrange your thoughts and ideas in logical order
  2. It forces you to simulate reality and anticipate pitfalls before they occur
  3. It’s your working action plan
  4. It’s an essential aid when applying for finance
  5. It can eliminate potential flaws in your business model
  6. It is an essential decision-making tool
  7. It ensures you do market research
  8. It ensures you develop a marketing plan
  9. It helps you know what you need to do financially to survive every month
  10. It helps you base decisions on numbers rather than going with your gut

So get started develop a business plan for your business. Get a free template from the BizLaunch website


One response to “You Still Need a Business Plan

  1. making abusiness plan is a backbone of a business and you have throw very good light on the importance of business plan…keep it up

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