15 Thoughts for the Day

Water Droplet

  1. Every small business needs a leader that inspires, motivates, holds people accountable, allows them to try new things, fail and grow
  2. Buy a book write BIG IDEAS on the cover and let your employees dream and write their thoughts on how you can grow your small business
  3. Help your employees set goals and targets so that they can monitor themselves. Most of us underestimate our employees potential
  4. Never under estimate the potential of a motivated employee. Allow your employees to innovate. Innovation is the key to small business growth
  5. Teach your employees how to manage their time and set deadlines. Some people have no idea how
  6. Return all calls and emails, don’t over promise, never stop selling and show up on time and you will succeed
  7. Develop a 1 page business plan and look at it every day. If something’s not working change
  8. Listen more than you talk, always say thank you and people will give you the business
  9. Bootstrapping teaches you how to manage a business properly. You’ll soon realize many small business owners waste money on stupid things
  10. If you can’t link an expense to revenue you’re probably over spending
  11. If you’ve never bought stuff online you probably don’t know how to sell stuff online
  12. Never put slow learners in charge of your social media strategy. You don’t need to understand social media you just need to do it
  13. If you’re training entrepreneurs you need to know how to use technology. The future of small business requires that you embrace technology
  14. If you don’t innovate you starve and your economy struggles. To survive in small business you need to learn something new everyday
  15. Encourage your kids to become entrepreneurs they’re going to save the world with their innovations

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