Advertising Rules for Small Business

Grand Opening

If planned properly marketing and advertising materials can be very effective.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Start off by identifying your ideal target market. Develop materials that appeal to your target market
  • Always use an atractive heading. I believe great headings are the most important part of any advertising whether online or offline
  • Use simple language that’s easy to understand. Let a 13yr old proof read it
  • Focus on words that attract the customers attention. Like free, you, new etc
  • Include the benefits of using your products and/service. What’s in it for the customer? What makes you different?
  • If possible use colourful pictures
  • Always include testimonials from your raving fans(customers)
  • If promoting a product or service always have limited time offers, to add some urgency
  • Ensure that you measure response rates by asking customers: Where did you hear about us?

Be patient, test different advertising and never give up

Read: Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples


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