Interested in Learning More About Social Media? 10 Links

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If you’re interested in learning more about social media, and you should. Visit some of these cool links:

  1. Social Media Marketing in 3 Minutes
  2. Social Media in Plain English
  3. BizLaunch Social Media Webinar
  4. Blogs in Plain English
  5. Social Networking in Plain English
  6. Twitter in Plain English
  7. 10 Social Media Marketing Tips
  8. 5 Easy Social Media Wins for Small Business
  9. Social Media Marketing for Small Business
  10. Marketing tips in exactly 3 words

One response to “Interested in Learning More About Social Media? 10 Links

  1. Small business Small Business owners are largely forgotten. Thats why I only focus on them. I have experience several members of my family file bankruptcy due to small business failures. I also I suffered through 2 destroyed businesses due to failure however, in my failings I have learned some of the secrets to success. (Who can say they know it all?What I like about small business owners is that they are not afraid to take huge risks and lay it all on the line. But, I agree they do need a lot of help with their marketing. I think having them go the social media and email route is not only the least expensive but its also the most effective. Thanks for the stats!………

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