How to Delegate Effectively


To build a successful small business you need to learn how to delegate. Here are some tips on how to become more effective at delegating

Determine what needs to be delegated

If you delegate properly you will get somebody to do a task for you but you are always under control

  • Ensure that the person you are delegating a task to is qualified to carry out the work
  • Give your employees very clear instructions and your expected outcome
  • Ensure that your employee understands exactly what is required of them and encourage them to ask questions so that they have a clear understanding
  • Ensure that your employee understands that you have given them clear authority to complete the task effectively
  • Allocate sufficient resources for the employee to complete the task
  • Ensure that you set clear timeline and a deadline for task to be completed by
  • Develop a follow up process
  • Monitor progress by regularly meeting
  • Give staff feedback once the job is completed. Compliment them on work well done
  • Do they have the necessary skills?
  • Do they have the personal qualities required to complete the skill
  • Determine if they need some assistance
  • Encourage employees to identify challenges they may be facing. Encourage them to communicate
  • Be patient expect employees to make mistakes in the beginning. Don’t criticize if people make mistakes coach them how to improve their performance

If you learn to delegate you’ll become a more effective manager

The Advantages of Delegating

  1. You’ll become a more efficient manager
  2. You’ll work less
  3. Things will get done
  4. You’ll be able to stop postponing important projects
  5. It’ll give you more free time to spend with important customers
  6. It’ll will help your employees develop

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