1 Page Business Plan for 2010

Business Plan Woman

I have trained entrepreneurs for the last 13 years. One of my biggest frustrations is: even though we teach and encourage small business owners to develop a business plan they often don’t do it. So I have come up with a simple solution, don’t ask them to develop a business plan just ask them to answer these questions at the beginning of the year and ensure they review them every 90 days


  • My personal goals for the year
  • Our business goals for the year


  • Why should people buy our stuff?
  • Who are our current customers?
  • Which customers would we like more of?
  • What marketing tools are we going to use to get these customers?
  • Marketing to do list

Cash Flow

  • 12 month cash flow forecast
  • Cash flow improvement targets
  • Receivable days
  • Payable days
  • Inventory turnover goals

Income and Expenses

  • Our sales, cost of sales and expense forecast
  • Our gross and net profit targets
  • Our monthly and annual break-even point

One response to “1 Page Business Plan for 2010

  1. I read your article this helps start-up businesses figure out how much their business will cost them. This is important when writing a business plan.

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