76% of Small Business Owners Prefer Webinars to Seminars

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We regularly present live seminars as well online webinars for small business owners. I recently decided to ask small business owners which they preferred and 76% of them preferred webinars. Now before you go quoting this statistic, here are a couple of things to consider:

  1. This was an online survey
  2. This was an informal survey, not a scientific one

Why do I think small business owners prefer webinars:

  1. They can participate without leaving their office
  2. They don’t have to drive long distances
  3. They can ask questions and interact with the presenter
  4. They can take notes
  5. They’re great value for money and often free

Here are some tips if you’re presenting webinars to small business owners:

  1. Develop interesting webinars with attention grabbing headlines
  2. Use a presenter that understands webinar technology and can engage the audience (no boring presenters ever)
  3. Start the webinar at a time that suits small business owners
  4. Use lots of graphics, interesting statistics, polls, and tell stories that entrepreneurs can relate to
  5. Keep company promotional stuff to the end. If it’s a free webinar small business owners are happy to listen to suppliers promotions as long as they are short simple and relevant
  6. Collect important data before, during and after the webinar. Ask as may questions as possible. Webinars enable you to collect rich data on your clients

I hope this helps you develop some interesting online seminars for your or potential clients. Webinars are a great way to connect with your clients and educate them on how they can benefit from using your products or services .

Did I mention that I love presenting webinars? To register for an up-coming webinar/seminar go to www.bizlaunch.com


4 responses to “76% of Small Business Owners Prefer Webinars to Seminars

  1. I think it's good to have a mix of both. Webinars are really convenient, especially during bad weather! But seminars offer that potential of face to face interaction and networking not only with the presenter, but with other seminar attendees as well.

  2. Who's Webinar service to you suggest?

  3. We use Webex but there are quite a few people you can use: GoTo meeting, DimDim and Instant Presenter

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