The Accidental Entrepreneur


By Small Business Expert Roger Pierce,

Are entrepreneurs born or made? Actually, most of them stumble into self-employment.

A typical small business owner will tell you he or she never expected to start a small business. They’ll tell you they had a job or went to school or were busy raising their kids and never in a thousand years thought about launching a company. They were happy in whatever they were doing.

What happens, then, to these unsuspecting folks? How did they wind up running their own show?

*    They got paid for their hobby. There’s the story of the retired high school principal who enjoyed building wooden deck chairs for family and friends in his spare time. Eventually, someone insisted he take some money for his fine craftsmanship and it was a hobby no more.

*   They made something for personal use – and others wanted one, too. Tired of his kids watching too much television, a father started to throw a blanket over the set. Wanting to create a more stylish solution to match the living room décor, his wife sat down and sewed up a more fashionable cover-up cloth. Soon, other parents wanted a “TV cover” and a business was born.

* They were downsized or right sized or outsourced. Perfectly happy working for ten years for her employer, a talented graphic designer one day got a pink slip and a severance package from a big corporation. After a few months, her ex-employer asked her to do some design work on a freelance basis, prompting her to launch a home-based business. Of course, as a supplier, she charges that ex-employer much more money per hour than she earned while an employee.

It’s okay to be an accidental entrepreneur. Keep your eyes and ears open and it may just happen to you. And, won’t running your own business be so much better than working for a boss?


3 responses to “The Accidental Entrepreneur

  1. Nice Article for new comer like me.

  2. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the article. Good Luck

  3. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the article. Good Luck

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