BizLaunch Webinars a Great Way to Learn

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What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an Internet based presentation that you can watch on your own computer.  BizLaunch webinars have live video, a slideshow presentation, and live audio, and are streamed to you using web conferencing software.  BizLaunch webinars include a chat room and a Q&A section so they’re very interactive

Why Attend Webinars?

– You don’t have to travel you can participate right from your own desk. You save on travel, parking etc (good for the environment)

– They’re Interactive you can participate and they’re a great way to learn new skills with a group of entrepreneurs.

– They’re recorded so you ca listen to them over and over

Things to Remember

  • Check that your computer has a sound card and if possible use earphones to listen in
  • Install the Webex app on your computer when prompted
  • When attending webinars turn off as many applications on your desktop as possible
  • Make yourself comfortable get something to drink and eat while you’re listening. You don’t want to leave half way through an important discussion
  • Don’t multi-task while you’re on a webinar as you may miss some important information
  • Take notes while listening and participate

Check out a list of up coming webinars at:


4 responses to “BizLaunch Webinars a Great Way to Learn

  1. I attended two webinars and to tell you the truth I enjoyed our local rep a lot better Kevin Toney. He at least responded to my emails and concerns I had. I sent numerous ones to Andrew not single response at all and not even informing the attendees on when coupons or gifts cards would be sent out. he should at least state if it is once a month they are mailed or what.I am not iomprsesed at all with his very poor customer service and Kevin Toney was far superior to him.Does have any thoughts on promises and offers made by him gift card,coupons etc but nothing comes at all?. I am very skeptical of this webinar thing and I will recoomend anyone I rn into against attending them. There are many other ways on our city to get free personal contact at seminar given in our city by well-known center.They are very professional you get information kits ,hands-outs,refreshments and sometimes professional lunch. You can network with the presenters or attendees in very easy manner.I have contacted Staples headquarters and referred this matter to them

  2. Sorry to hear about your negative experience.Send me over an email at and I will try to resolve the issue.Best regardsDaniel

  3. Sorry to hear about your negative experience.Send me over an email at and I will try to resolve the issue.Best regardsDaniel

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