Handyman helps busy homeowners

By Small Business Expert Roger Pierce, www.BizLaunch.ca

Most people have a long list of things that should be done around the house, yet don’t have the time to do them. “I focus on the smaller jobs or menial tasks that most people don’t want to take on,” says entrepreneur Paolo Fietta.

Aptly dubbed The Home & Garden Guy (www.thehomeandgardenguy.com), Fietta provides general handyman-type services, including gardening, landscaping and minor home repairs.

“I generally try to focus more on the exterior landscaping and gardening of a property because there is more demand for those services,” he explains. “I can also do larger jobs involving garden design and decoration.”

Fietta ventured into entrepreneurship for several reasons. “I wanted to do something I really enjoy that allowed me to apply my particular skills and work experience,” he comments. “Plus, I love working outdoors!”

Fietta learned about landscaping while working for others during his teenage years. He then opened his first landscaping business at the age of 20. The income from that business paid for his university education, as well as his graduate studies.

From running his own business for so many years, Fietta has honed a well-defined niche in his industry. He knows what his customers want.

“My ideal customer is someone who needs help with smaller or mundane tasks around the house, both inside and out, but can’t find anyone willing to do the work because the job is too small,” he explains.

He charges his customers based on time and materials so the homeowner can decide which jobs get done based on how much money they want to spend.

“For example, I can do a yard cleanup in the spring or a leaf collection in the fall. I can trim, prune and weed a yard. Or, I can fix odd little things here and there, paint a railing or clean and organize a garage.”

Fietta has learned the importance of good customer service. “I listen to them carefully to understand their needs and concerns so I get the job done correctly,” he says.

“And I never cut corners to save a dollar or two, because that can jeopardize the customer’s trust in me and I’d lose their future business.”


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