Get a Cellphone on Your Terms

Earlier this year four men started a company that could change the entire wireless landscape in Canada, by changing the way Canadians shop for their cell phone contracts. On their website, consumers create their own proposals which shops anonymously to carriers who compete for their business.

What type of person starts a start-up?

To take on the biggest wireless corporations in Canada with nothing more than a great idea demands something more than a strong personality. It requires strategy. After one year of research and design, the team has launched an easy to use website connected to a massive dealer network. Now the fun begins. People are beginning to sign up, save money, and after a little prompting, leave testimonials. Its plain to see this internet start-up is going to be successful, because their system works.

And they look and act like a rock band. Here’s a glimpse of the principles – Yale Holder, Eswar Nabhan, Paul Peic, and Kye Husbands on the set of a video shoot profiling their start-up. Readers can watch most of their video productions on The Cell Phone Blog including behind the scenes footage of their upcoming Dragons’ Den appearance. It’s not possible to spend a day with these guys and not be affected by their good cheer, and their appetite for change.

Yale Holder

Yale has ten years of diverse experience in Telecommunications, Information Technology and the hospitality industry. In his years in Information technology, Yale has worked as a consultant for the World Bank in specific projects in the Caribbean. He has also chaired a thirty member Management Information Systems department. Yale’s most recent experience is in the wireless industry was to lead strategic projects for TELUS communications. Before that, Yale founded a small consulting firm in which worked primarily in the Telecommunications and Hospitality sectors. Yale holds a Computer Engineering degree from McMaster University and an MBA from the University of Toronto.

Eswar Nabhan

Eswar graduated from York University with degrees in Economics and Political Science. Shortly after, Eswar started what would be a successful career in Sales in the IT space and moved over into the Financial Services sector. After posting successful results over the course of 6 years, Eswar moved into the role of Training and Development. His passion has always been building a company’s brand through a consultative sales approach. Eswar’s one common belief is building relationships with clients. Treat each sale as a relationship not a transaction.

Paul Peic

Paul is a serial entrepreneur and can’t remember the last time he had a manager telling him what to do. From an early age Paul knew he was meant to lead, and has since started multiple companies. His first online business was Motomerchant, a vehicle magazine with over 5000 automobiles listed for sale at any given time. Paul and his long time friend and business partner Kye Husbands started this site three years before AutoTrader came online.

A few years ago, Kye and Paul purchased their first property, rented it, and then sold it and made a profit. This started their interest in the real estate game and while they were flipping their first house, they were approached by a television producer who asked if they could do four more houses in a year. They said yes, not knowing any better, and the Big Flip television show was born. All 13 episodes are still in rotation on HGTV and the Fine Living Channel. The Big Flip filmed for an entire year, afterwhich Paul and Kye flipped their earnings into myCELLmyTERMS, their biggest venture yet.

Kye Husbands

Kye is an idea guru with a passion for business and technology. Kye has been starting and building businesses from the age of 15 when he launched a neighbourhood car detailing service from the garage of his home. Within six months he had five friends working for him and had installed his father as quality control adviser. After completing his studies at Seneca College, Kye launched (with paul Peic) which was Canada’s first online resale vehicle magazine, servicing over 10,000 customers during its operation. After failing to secure a second round of financing the company was dissolved, providing Paul and Kye with invaluable business experience.

After graduating from Ryerson University in Information Technology Management, Kye spent six years at Bell Canada in management before leaving to launch an IT Solutions company. The company specialized in custom application development and management consulting. After this Kye took up a position in the wireless sector with Telus in strategic project management before leaving in October 2007 to pursue an opportunity as the host of HGTV’s hit television series The Big Flip.

The four visionaries created because they believe the Canadian wireless industry is riddled with confusion and frustration. Cellular service is an integral part of everyone’s daily lives, yet Canadians are being squeezed by fat companies in a market void of competition.

These guys have a solution that lets consumers make purchasing decisions without stress or aggravation, and that’s because they’re secure in the knowledge they’re getting the best cell phone deal.

Look for myCELLmyTERMS on Weds Oct 21st on the CBC show Dragons’ Den.

Join the myCELLmyTERMS Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter @myCELLmyTERMS


2 responses to “Get a Cellphone on Your Terms

  1. These guys are definitely gutsy enough to take on the Canadian cell phone oligarchy, but I can't wait to see what happens to them on Dragons' Den on Oct 21st. In the Season 4 promo it looks like Kevin OLeary is yelling at them.

  2. This is the great blog, I'm reading them for a while, thanks for the new posts!

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