Interesting Research about Small Business in Canada

Canadian business owners were asked about the difficulties they faced after they decided to become their own boss. Here are the top five challenges they faced in the early days of their projects:

  1. Finding clients
  2. Keeping a steady workload
  3. Working too many hours
  4. Dealing with bureaucracy and regulations
  5. Scraping  together enough money

Here are 10 top suggestions for aspiring business owners

  1. Know your competition
  2. Develop a good business plan
  3. Research the market
  4. Network and develop alliances
  5. Take time for marketing
  6. Seek mentors
  7. Spend less time worrying about the “look” of business cards, etc., and more time on defining the needs you meet
  8. Survey potential customers
  9. Do your homework when considering where to locate your business
  10. Join clubs and associations

From: WE KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING by Darrell Bricker & John Wright of Ipsos Reid

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