BizLaunch MINT Meetings

I have trained and coached business owners for 13 years and in this time I have learnt that to succeed small business owners need:





We have therefore decided to launch a new program towards the end of October. The program will include events that will be structured and last about 60 minutes. At each event you will learn from other entrepreneurs (mentorship), you will hear about a small business success story (inspiration), you will network with like minded entrepreneurs (networking), and you will learn at least one new thing (training).

We plan to start the program initially in Toronto and then throughout North America. The program will start out free but we’ll probably eventually charge a small cover charge that small business owner’s can afford.

If you’re interested in attending a program like this send me an email to: and when I have more detail I’ll contact you


3 responses to “BizLaunch MINT Meetings

  1. We haven't had to much interest from small business owners so maybe i'll probably have to shelve it

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