Small Biz Champions: The Hub Halifax

sera hubName: Sera Thompson
Organization name: The Hub
City and Province: Halifax, NS

How does your organisation help small businesses?
Our aim is to be a greenhouse for innovative ideas and entrepreneurial people and enterprises in Nova Scotia. We do this by providing flexible shared work spaces, private meeting rooms, and printing, copy, and fax services. The hub gives entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, and small initiatives a platform to connect with creative colleagues, take risks and make things happen. On the second floor of a gorgeous historic building it combines the best of a professional office, a neighborhood café and the comforts of home.

What inspired you, personally, to get involved?
First, as someone working with a lot of people and organizations globally who were trying to make positive change, in the world, I witnessed some real results coming out of the original Hub in Islington, London UK. I saw that a well-resourced and atmospheric location, a physical space for people to work and gather gave a significant boost to a network of entrepreneurs trying to make a difference.
Secondly as an entrepreneur myself, recently returned to Halifax and running my own consulting practice from home – I was longing for a central, beautiful, social space to base my own business – so that I could get out of the house connect and make things happen.

What do you think entrepreneurship and small business has done for the community around you?
The most progressive and innovative initiatives changing the culture and lifesaver of Halifax are small-scale enterprises started by tenacious entrepreneurs with big vision and a lot of hard work. From Just Us to Car Share to the Halifax Back Packers to Fred Salon and Cafe – there are dozens of socially and ecologically oriented businesses that are living their values, making a profit and making our community, brighter, bolder and more livable.

What would you say are the essential characterisics of successful entrepreneurs?
Don’t they say 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration – Being successful takes big vision and love and passion to stick with it through the many rough times of being a start up. It takes flexibility and curiosity: the courage to try new things and change tack when needed. As entrepreneurs we need to have well rounded skill sets to take on multiple roles that in a large organization many people would fill. More than anything, building something that will last and thrive takes a lot of discipline patience and hard work.

Are there any entrepreneurs that you work with that you think more people should know about?
Yes there are several, you can read about them at

To name a couple:

Christian Weisenburger is a lawyer, focusing primarily in the areas of taxation, corporate / commercial, estate planning and, increasingly, intellectual property. Chris studied philosophy in Calgary, law in Edmonton and obtained his MBA from Dalhousie.
Inspired by the Hub, its founders and users, he left a job that he loved to cost effectively focus on start-ups by opening his own law office.

Sean Williams is the Principal of his own marketing and communications consulting company. With over 15 years of experience, Sean and his extensive partnership network offer company’s innovative, distinct and creative solutions. He’s worked with some of Canada’s and Atlantic Canada’s top brands, and has rolled out initiatives in Atlantic Canada, across the country, and in international markets such as the United States, the Middle East, and Australia.

If you could give any 3 tips to any aspiring entrepreneurs, what would they be?
Just do it, stop making excuses and get out there.
Prepare to learn the definition of sacrifice.
Get organized, stay organized (pay your taxes on time etc.)

Contact Details and Centre Location
The Hub Halifax

Barrington St
2nd Floor
Halifax, NS
B3J 1Z9


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