How to Get Customers to Buy More & More Often

It’s been shown over and over again that it is more cost-effective to keep current customers than to find new ones.
So keep your customers happy and buying regularly.

  • Allocate time to spend with your current customers.
  • Offer your best customers incentives to keep buying from you.
  • Encourage customers to share any complaints and make

  • Ask your employees how you can improve customer service.
  • Train your employees how to deal with customers.
  • Communicate regularly with your clients.
  • Get to know your clients. Develop the relationship by visiting them in person.
  • Find excuses to keep in touch with them. “I was reading this article and I thought it would interest you.”
  • Wow your customers with your brilliant service.


Help Customers to Buy More
The easiest customer to sell is the one who has already had a positive experience with your company.
Keep your customers’ purchasing momentum going:

  • Create irresistible offers, incentives and discounts.
  • Offer them a free sample.
  • Educate them about other products and services you are selling.
  • Ask your customers what other products or services they need.
  • Spend time identifying their needs.
  • Make it easy for people to buy from you. Have you tried to buy from your own company lately?
  • Train your staff to sell properly.
  • Offer your customers discounts on larger quantities.
  • Sell other people’s products or services to your customers.

Help customers to Buy More Often
Make buying from your company a habit for your customers.

  • Contact customers regularly. Ensure that you have all their details on your database.
  • Send your clients irresistible offers regularly.
  • Call your customers regularly. Set a timetable.
  • Work out when your customer has to re-order and give them a call before they call you.
  • Develop an automated system that reminds your customers to order.
  • Stay in front of your customers with added-value service, information or tools.

Photo credit, Niel T


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