Startup Story: Sarah Prevette and RedWire

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Sarah Prevette

Company name

What does your business do?
RedWire is a service for entrepreneurs to collaborate, knowledge-share & communicate with other entrepreneurs.

What makes your business different? What is that you do that makes your business unique?
RedWire is unique not only in its features and functionality, but also in it’s focus.

Other applications exist, but are either social in nature or largely about maintaining relationships with people you were already connected to. RedWire has a very specific focus in that all users are explicitly relevant to entrepreneurs and that the its primary aim is to expand your network to include people you wouldn’t otherwise be connected to.

Why did you decide to start your own business?
As a first-time entrepreneur with, I struggled with not having a network of peers to turn to for advice, ideas or resources. I saw a need for a unified community that facilitated connections between entrepreneurs.

RedWire was built to facilitate knowledge-sharing between entrepreneurs globally.

What’s the best part of being an entrepreneur?
The best part of being an entrepreneur is the privilege of spending each moment of your life working on your passion.

The best part of RedWire is that we’re immersed in the start-up scene – we’re in an exciting community of talented people doing amazingly ambitious things – the passion is palpable and highly contagious.

What’s the worst part of being and entrepreneur?
The worst part of being an entrepreneur is being entirely reliant on only yourself. Ironically, that’s probably one of the best parts too!

There is an inherent loneliness to the gig – but we’re trying to fix that by building a community of support on RedWire.

How long have you been in business?
6 Months

How did you raise the start-up cash?
We were fortunate enough to have people who believed in the idea and able to provide us significant runway for us to go through multiple iterations and development before becoming self sufficient.

Identify and discuss a few lessons you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?
You’ve got to be the 3 A’s:
Amazing, Accessible & Authentic.

Focus on providing real value, being a part of the community & being completely transparent. These are the values that have come to the forefront as most important over the past several months.

What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

  1. Just do it.
    Too many people sit on their great ideas or talk it out forever. Take the risk & find a way. Making the commitment to actually do it is the hurtle most people don’t make it over.

  2. You’re going to fail.
    You need to know it, accept it when it happens, learn from it and adjust immediately. Strive to fail quickly – all businesses are evolving iterations. He who best adapts wins.
    Your new strategy? Try. Fail. Adapt. Repeat.

  3. Isolation kills.
    Your opinion, while undoubtedly fabulous, isn’t the only one. Bring other people into the fold early – bounce ideas, ask questions and share issues. Get opinions. Get lots of them. They’re not all right but the fodder for thought is invaluable.

  4. Beware the tyranny of vocal minorities.
    Following up on the “they’re not all right” point – ensure your opinions are coming from a wide breadth and depth. Too often startups heed bad advice that comes from a small but overly vocal minority. Don’t mistake loud for smart.

  5. Throw modesty out the window.
    It goes against everything you’ve ever been taught about etiquette but you need to promote yourself. A startup’s brand begins and ends with the people behind it. It’s your personal responsibility to increase awareness about what you’re doing and you do that through sharing. Feigning modesty about what you’re doing when asked only creates a perception that it’s not very good. The best thing you’ve got at your disposal is your passion – share that excitement with people and watch it spread.

What are your goals and plans for the future?
We’re excited to unveil a brand new version of the service very soon… we’re anxious to debut and share what we’ve been working on behind the scenes!

An announcement will be made shortly on when the new site will go live…stay tuned!

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