Upcoming Weekly Seminars – May 4th

How to Pay Less Tax

Stop paying more tax than necessary! Identify write-offs, discover the best legal structure for your business & learn to save with effective bookkeeping.

  • Write-offs you don’t know
  • Keeping good books
  • How to cut costs
  • Benefits of incorporating

May 5, 2009 – Brampton, ON
Presented by Dianna Thorne

May 6, 2009 – Halifax, NS
Presented by Debi Hartlen

May 7, 2009 – Ajax, ON
Presented by Andrew Patricio

How to Market Your Business

Most of your time should be spent marketing and selling. To help build your Marketing Plan, you’ll learn how to define your target market, build your brand, capture free publicity and work your network. You’ll learn how to get new customers, keep your existing ones and sell more to them. We’ll also share some low cost and no-cost marketing tools proven to bring in business.

  • Focusing on the right customers
  • Building your brand
  • How to be different from your competitors
  • Obtaining free media coverage
  • Networking for results
  • Advertising tips
  • Low cost marketing ideas</ul
    May 5th, 2009 – St. John’s, NB
    presented by Debi Hartlen

    How to Get More Sales

    Nothing affects your bottom line like sales. It requires constant attention – even if your sales people are ‘naturals’. At this seminar you’ll learn proven sales strategies and techniques including:

    • How to get more customers.
    • How to get customers to buy more & more often.
    • Successful selling tips.
    • Buying triggers and closing techniques.
    • 4 ways to grow your business.

    May 5th, 2009 – Toronto, ON
    presented by Andrew Patricio

    How to Get Free Publicity

    Good news! The media want to talk about your small business. They need content to fill their newspaper columns, broadcasts, websites and magazines. All you have to do is give them information about your business in a certain way.

    Media reporters, journalists and editors seek story angles. And your business offers plenty of them. Opening a new location? Hiring more staff? Adding a new product line? Supporting a local charity? Making the world a better place? Present your story properly and media will beat down your door to put your business in the news.

    In this seminar, you’ll learn how to focus on stories of interest to the press. You’ll learn how to create a Media Release, where to send it and what to do when that reporter calls. You’ll also learn how to turn your media coverage into sales.
    May 6th, 2009 – Burlington, ON
    presented by Andrew Patricio

    May 7th, 2009 – Chatham, ON
    presented by Linda Lord

    Photo credit, The Master Shake Signal


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