Are you the expert?

Expertise is the foundation of entrepreneurship. The ability to do something better than anyone else in the market is the catalyst for many startups.

People love buying from experts. The assurance of quality and reliability often leads customers to have a certain expectation of results. Word of mouth, referrals and reputation allows experts to add a premium price to their work.

In additional to the credibility with customers, the media and journalists often look to experts in any given field for stories they are working on.

Who is entitled to call themself an expert or does the term ‘expert’ have to be granted by someone else?

If your customers recognise you as the expert, are you leveraging that credibility in your marketing?

Do you have a story to tell?

Did your unique expertise inspire you start your own business?

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Is expertise the foundation of entrepreneurship?

Photo credit, Pete Prodoehl


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