15 Signs you are probably an entrepreneur

  1. Your business is your life and hobby
  2. You often do and then think
  3. You don’t like being told what to do
  4. You often have dreams about your business
  5. You constantly find ways to innovate everything
  6. You hate small talk
  7. You don’t REALLY read long contracts even though you say you did and recommend people should
  8. You’re very impatient
  9. You hate standing in line(queue if you’re English) to buy something
  10. You hate meetings
  11. You look forward to Mondays
  12. You have a short attention span
  13. You don’t read long emails
  14. You send out short emails and sometimes people think you’re rude
  15. You hate being told you’re wrong

Photo credit, Lightmash


4 responses to “15 Signs you are probably an entrepreneur

  1. I think there ought to be a couple more points:16. Your relationship with your spouse is rocky or you are already divorced. 17. Year end is late (again) and is a headache…’cuz you did not organize or input your receipts all year. 18. You only have a business plan because the bank demanded it in order to lend you money19. Your marketing plan is in your head…you know the industry so well, you don’t think you need any other plan but what is in your head. 20. You think your advertising budget is the same as your marketing plan.

  2. perfect!!! i think thats me…. most specially the IMPATIENT thing

  3. Type your comment here.All 15 are bang on ….and I thought it was ADHD.

  4. Only 5 signs..i guest i'm not an entrepreneur, yet ^_^

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