Want to make a MINT in this new economy?

Guest post by BizLaunch Trainer Penny Tremblay

The first quarter of 2009 presents a slower economy, which gives us tremendous opportunity to sharpen our tools for success. We can use this breathing space in the economy to strengthen our foundation of skills and knowledge to survive and thrive in these times. Want to make a mint in this new economy? Here’s how:

Mentor – Find and work with a great mentor; someone who has been through tough times before, who can save you from making costly mistakes, and who is where you want to be.

Inspiration – Hang out with positive, motivating people who inspire you. Read stories of magnificent accomplishment and those who have beat the odds, not news headlines of doom and gloom. Listen to motivational speakers, get yourself mentally prepared to be amazing, then take action.

Network – Go out and network more. Make more people aware of how you can benefit them with your services and products. Ask for referrals, follow up with the referrals, and take networking to the point where people are becoming prospects, and ultimately customers.

Training – Continue your training and development. We must be constantly learning. Continue to learn about customer service, how to deal with people, relationship strategies, time management, and motivation. If we regularly learn and implement one new idea to become better at what we do; teach our people to become better employees; use this time to digest what we have learned; and implement the strategies required for success, we will be unstoppable and well-polished for the turn of a busier economy. A busier economy means more time spent in the transacting of business, leaving less time for the upgrading of skills.

Find a Mentor (or be one), seek Inspiration by surrounding yourself with positive and successful people, Network to build your business opportunities and Train, Train, Train.

Photo credit, JH Pope


3 responses to “Want to make a MINT in this new economy?

  1. Seesmic video reply from Disqus.

  2. Have to say I do agree. Things like this just are what they are.

  3. Simple, elegant solution for someone seeking success!

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