10 Ways to Market Your Business

  1. Project the right image by looking like a professional business. Have your logo, business cards, letter head, signage designed by an expert
  2. Identify 10 benefits of doing business with you and use these in all your marketing material
  3. Attend networking events regularly. Conferences, tradeshows, seminars
  4. Develop a database of important contacts you regularly communicate with
  5. Always treat customers like they are worth a million dollars to your business
  6. Develop your own newsletter and send it out regularly
  7. Create professional adverts ,brochures and fliers that attract your customers attention
  8. Develop a simple easy to navigate website that helps you attract customers online and offline. Ensure it is properly marketed and optimized
  9. Present free seminars for current and potential customers to show your expertise and market your services. Give to get
  10. Use free social media to market your products and services. Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Blogs, Twitter, Kijiji and Craigslist

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