Focus on the marketing basics

  1. Don’t stop marketing
  2. Spend more time with your regular customers
  3. Train your employees to offer brilliant service
  4. Follow up all leads and get back to people quicker than normal
  5. Regularly ask your current customers for referrals
  6. Reactivate customers you have done business with in a while
  7. Get out there and network more
  8. Measure the effectiveness of every marketing tool you use
  9. Identify the benefits you offer clients and ensure that these are featured on you website, brochures, flyers and any other marketing materials
  10. Find other companies that sell to similar target markets as yours and partner with them
  11. Identify new target markets you can sell to
  12. Develop a newsletter that you can use to communicate more regularly with your clients
  13. Use free online resources like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to connect with potential new clients
  14. Ensure that your website is easy to navugate and properly optimized
  15. Employ the services of PR person to help you get publicity
  16. Keep positive by spending time with motivated entrepreneurs and sharing great marketing tips
  17. Use the telephone to get more appointments with new prospects
  18. Use direct marketing to communicate with current and prospective customers
  19. Ask customers what you can do to improve the service you offer, and do it
  20. Don’t give up and you’ll come out a better business owner than before the recession


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