Want to stimulate the economy? Start a small business

(TORONTO – January 27, 2009). Forget about government aid packages designed to bailout Canada – the best way to stimulate the economy is to start a small business.

That’s the opinion of one entrepreneur who is in the business of launching other entrepreneurs.

“The government plans to spend billions of dollars to create and protect jobs, when they should be helping more Canadians to start small businesses,” says Roger Pierce, co-founder of BizLaunch.ca.

“Self-employment is a better form of job creation because it stops people from continuing to depend on unstable corporate employers.”

“And, there’s no better way to boost the economy. Canadian small businesses collectively generate the most taxes, employ the most people and are responsible for driving innovation and development. Plus, new businesses inject billions into the economy because they purchase goods and services to get their operations rolling.”

Pierce hopes that many of the 200,000 Canadians expected to lose their jobs this year will seek brighter futures through self-employment. “The sooner we stop relying on others to pay us so we can feed our families, the better,” he comments. “The only way to truly control your economic future is by being your own boss.”

BizLaunch.ca is Canada’s largest small business training company. The firm uses experienced entrepreneurs to dispense how-to advice to start-ups, typically in free seminars sponsored by select corporations. Founded in 2003, BizLaunch.ca has trained over 15,000 new entrepreneurs worldwide.

Pierce, a serial entrepreneur with eleven start-ups to this credit, believes now is the best time for Canadians to embrace their entrepreneurial nature. “Small business owners are free to make their own decisions, pursue their passion, work with customers they like and create very rewarding lifestyles,” he says.

In 2009, Pierce predicts tens of thousands of people will join the 2.65 Million Canadians already open for business. “Start-ups will provide the best type of economic stimulus,” he enthuses.

Existing or aspiring entrepreneurs may find out more about free BizLaunch Seminars by visiting http://www.BizLaunch.ca.


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