This is my story

Presenting to you the “Gifts of Time, Productivity and Peace of Mind”

Hi, I am Dianne Ragell and Business Leader of Genie Business Support Services. We are Corporate Event Planners with a flair for marketing and helpful marketing and administrative resources at our finger tips to do what it takes to keep and grow your customers, create positive memories and win on customer service.

Being a creative and energetic person – I have always been excited and motivated when planning an event. I get energized when I am at an event. These attitudes coupled with my experience gave me the impetus to do something that makes me feel alive!

My biggest challenge has been to find a niche and then sourcing out hot leads. All coaching programs talk about doing the market research and finding a niche market – but it is never easy. Once you have found this – your business will soon reap the rewards of your hard work.

The biggest mistake I made is not getting a separate phone line for my company and relying on my cell phone. I racked up some heavy duty bills on my cell phone and am wiser now.

The best advice I can give is – spend more quality time in researching the various target markets (everyone can buy the product or service) and find a niche which leads to a more focused marketing plan and campaigns.

The success of the business is not in the revenue earned but in the value perception of our services. Our clients are repeat buyers and are referring our business to their associates.

Best Advice: Read the book the E-Myth Revisited – a BizLaunch Tip – thank you!

New business owners should think first about the company image i.e. how do I want the products/services viewed by target customers, who are my target customers, what do I want my customers to feel when they talk to anyone in the company and use the product / service, what is the quality of the product/service, what are your views on customer service. This will help determine your company value, your value to your customer, your pricing point and your unique selling point. This leads to better branding.

The Seneca Entrepreneurship Centre in Richmond Hill is a haven and runs a program through the Ministry of Universities and Colleges. You get coaching, seminars, workshops and opportunities to network. Another great resource were the coaches at BizLaunch with their Staples – “How to” Seminars and opportunity to network.

It is an understatement that the internet and social media is changing and evolving even as I write. Challenged by the many Social Media links and how to get them to work for your business and drive interest in your webpage using Social Media.

Andrew, thank you for this opportunity. It helped me recap some of the tasks we do that seem mundane but necessary for running a business. I have never been happier in my working life – I work long days – when I want to and loving it!


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