This is my story

1. Who are you and what business did you start?
Jeremy Lichtman – founder and CEO of Lichtman Consulting Inc. The company is two weeks old at this point in time!

2. Why did you start your own business?
I’m a serial entrepreneur who finds working for other people to be more challenging and risky than to be in business for myself.

3. What has been your biggest challenge so far?
The usual startup challenges – trying to get things organized while simultaneously doing the “work” part. Hopefully in a few months I’ll have some staff to help out.

4. What was the biggest mistake you made so far?
Using an old computer that died (with critical data on it). My wife immediately said “told you so – you should have bought a new one”. Moral of the story: always make backups.

5. If you could go back and change something, what would you do differently?
At this point not too much. I’m sure in a year’s time I’ll have a nice list of mistakes.

6. Which has been your biggest achievement so far?
Lined up enough business to keep the doors open for the next couple of months. At this point that’s enough. I’m grateful that it’s got this far.

7. What’s the best advice you’ve been given so far?
Focus on the customer. Easier said than done sometimes. If you really care about your customers – and you’re willing to fight for them – the rest will usually come together.

8. What advice would you give a new business owner?
In the current economy – keep the debt ratio as low as possible, and sell like crazy.

9. Where did you go for business support and advice when you started up?
Government of Canada website has some great resources on incorporating. Your email list usually has a good list of networking events which is helpful too.

10. Which part of growing a business do you find most challenging?
Keeping focused on the sales funnel. When I line up a bunch of work, I have a tendency to focus on that, rather than the next bunch of leads. I find its critical as a sole proprietor to have people to bounce ideas off of, as well as to periodically kick my rear end into top gear.


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