Small Business Story

Janice Rosen

I am a Wardrobe consultant in the GTA for busy women, mostly 40+ who need to look sensational and feel their best in any situation. More and more people, men included here have realized that what they choose to wear speaks volumes about themselves before they ever open their mouths. I like to call it a physical resume.

I’ve developed Closet Rehab for my clients where I’m invited into someone’s home and together we go through all the pieces she feels aren’t working for her, or whatever she’s unsure of. Depending on her lifestyle and figure type, I’ll weed out what I believe is holding her back. The good pieces then begin to tell the story of the client’s view of herself and my vision of the end result. I’ll photograph them in combinations that she’s never thought of putting together, thereby extending the life of the clothes. Following the procedure, we’ll decide what’s necessary to fill in the gaps. A personal shopping trip is designed for each client, unique to her needs and I’ll scour the city for the best stores and particular items for her. This obviously saves the client lots of personal time and a day or two spent with me will ultimately save her money too. No more impulse shopping or a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! She’ll learn what works best for her and take this forward into her life. The most wonderful part is her confidence goes way up when she feels good about the way she looks.

I started my business in January of this year, really as an extension of what I was already doing for family and friends. Fashion has been my passion since I was 11 and after a couple of retail jobs and a decade in the theatre, I realized that one of my best skills was listening. Part of my job is to understand and edit someone’s needs immediately and provide an experience for them that is positive, fun and uplifting. Not usually what someone gets while shopping in stores where salespeople are often on commission and don’t always have the client’s best interest at heart. Hearing that more and more from people made me realize that their was a real need for my service and together with the fact that I’m the same age as my clients, I can relate to the challenges of learning a new way to get dressed when the current trends are designed for much younger women.

The best part about being an entrepreneur for me is that all the experiences I’m having are new ones and no two days are alike. Taking risks and trying something new is exciting, like writing my Fashion blog, where I dissect the latest trends – the good, the bad and the ugly! The worst part? Whatever I depended on in my business plan didn’t always happen like I thought it would! Be prepared for Plan B! Like everyone, I have big dreams, but everything takes time and hard work. The most rewarding thing for me is when my client is happy with what she sees in the mirror and can then go on and live her life, free of what had given her angst for decades. The one piece of advice I could pass on to anyone thinking of starting a business, is find the thing that you love and is effortless for you – something that comes naturally and the rest will fall into place. One referral at a time.


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