20 FREE Tools You Need To Get On Page 1 in Google

Date, Time: Thursday, September 25, 2008, 7:00PM
Location: Civic Centre, 5100 Yonge Street, Committee Room 3, Toronto

Description: How do you pick which keywords to target? How do you select which niche will be the most profitable? Are you attracting the right visitors to your website? How do you target your content to get on page one? How can you use your web traffic to make money? How can you outmanoeuvre your competition and rank above them?

In this seminar I’ll share my top 20 tools that will help answer these questions (and more) as well as take your online business to the next level – the best part about these tools is that they are all FREE! I’ve never put all of these tools together in one presentation and there will be at least a few surprises that you have never heard of that can explode your business!

Website owners will leave with a list of practical suggestions that they can immediately implement to make more money online as well as get answers to their other online marketing questions.



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