Small Business Story

Tia Sutherland

Realeza Presents…

Realeza Presents is a 2 year old sole proprietorship that specializes in modern & unique alternatives for jewelry/accessory storage and organization. Currently, the product of focus is our “Jewelry Pillow”.

The “Jewelry Pillow” functions as a hanging jewelry organizer and display. It is made in 100% satin and hangs on the wall by way of either a gold or silver chain. It is offered in a variation of colors and patterns and can be custom made to order. It is offered in two sizes, small (5 by 10.5 inches) and large (4.5 by 15 inches) and currently range from $35 to $45 in price.

Besides being the only unique alternative to the jewelry box, the “Jewelry Pillow” has many benefits which include the prevention of jewelry discoloration, tangling and misplacement. It also does a great job of conserving space and eliminating jewelry clutter. It is trendy and beautifully hand made, which aids in being the perfect piece of wall decor for any room.

In upcoming months, I will be expanding the product line to include other original organizational storage products, display products and our very own jewelry line as well.

Because my products are so versatile, my ideal client ranges from children to adults alike. Anyone who loves to be different, organized, and values their jewelry/accessories will benefit greatly from my products. I have also started to grab attention of the bridal industry, as my ring bearer pillow is like no other and my jewelry pillow makes for the most original wedding attendant gift.

The two things that I’m certain I was born with are creativity and the need to be my own boss. I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, as I have managed myself as a fashion model for the past 12 years. I am also a writer and Certified Image Consultant. Even though I have worked, and still work for some great companies, my ultimate goal is to become 100% self-sufficient as a business owner. At 27 years old, I feel like I’m not too far away from that.

I always like to tell this story, because coincidentally, the success of my jewelry pillow came by accident. I had a jewelry box like everyone else and dealt with the annoyances that come with one. One evening, I was searching for my favorite pair of chandelier earrings and found that one of them had hooked on to another piece of jewelry while in the box. I have A LOT of jewelry, so I was literally fighting to detangle the earrings I was desperately in need of. After struggling to detangle the mess, the earring I was fighting for broke, which made me very upset. So at that point I said to myself, “There has to be an easier, more efficient way the store my jewelry”. My jewelry means a lot to me and every piece is special, even “royal” in its own way. So I immediately came up with the jewelry pillow concept, so that my jewelry will always be presented to me with class, care, and exceptional style.

I absolutely love the life of an entrepreneur. Being able to implement my creativity and have my voice heard all without boundaries is a feeling that is like no other. I obtained such great gratification and I am so proud of what I am and strive to become. I can honestly say that the only difficulty I have come across as an entrepreneur is the need to do things the right way financially. I started with the little savings I had, I am funding everything out of pocket right now which can be stressful at times. But through it all I have further learned financial responsibility and the importance of budgeting, as there is always a positive to what we may consider negatives. I’ve also learned to accept help when things get overwhelming, and never let your pride get the best of you. Build partnerships, not friendships. Never stop networking! Networking can be done anywhere at any time!

To all upcoming entrepreneurs: Don’t ignore the fire burning within you! Do what you’re driven to do, and stay focused! Be self-motivated, because most times, those who you will look to for motivation will let you down. Don’t EVER give up on your dreams, whatever they may be. Know that what you put into it is what you get out. So give it your ALL. And believe in the Law of Attraction, because it is only the truth. Positivity will only bring you the positive. I promise!

Along the way, I’ve been discouraged and warned of the disadvantages that come along with being a young, black, female entrepreneur. But I’ve taken what some look at as hurdles as great, God given opportunities. I still have a ways to go, and a lot of work to do. I want to bring my online store to heightened success. I also plan on opening a chain of specialty gift retail stores, and having only the most unique designer’s showcase and sell their work. There’s a lot to be done, and many dreams to reach. But I truly believe that it won’t be long until I’m sitting back, smiling at Oprah, thanking the Lord for all of his bestowed blessings.


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