Company of Women Conference

I had the opportunity to do a key note presentation at the annual Company of Women conference this morning in Oakville. The turnout was excellent over 100 women entrepreneurs. I really enjoy working with female entrepreneurs and believe they are going to change the way we do business over the next 50 years.

At the same conference I heard a panel discussion by 3 great Canadian Entrepreneurs

  • Jody Steinhauer – The Bargains Group
  • Rita Tsang – Tour East Holidays
  • Marnie Walker – Student Express

It’s great to hear how they built their very successful businesses. We need more events like this for small business


One response to “Company of Women Conference

  1. Hey Andrew, That’s amazing that you were able to speak at such an event. I would have loved to have seen your lecture! And I absolutely agree about your statement of women entrepreneurs changing the face of business. For too long there’s been stigma of women being singled out in the workforce, so I’m glad to hear that you agree!Now, I’m an official Microsoft ambassador and right now we’re really trying to scale up our connections with influential bloggers like yourself. I’d love to share with you some of the stuff we’ve been doing in the last couple months to help women entrepreneurs; we’re really committed to providing all the necessary resources to help women start, grow and expand their business.We just wrapped up a women’s entrepreneurial tour across the US called “Vision To Venture;” the response and turn-out was great! I’d really love your take on these offerings we have right now; I would have contacted you via email but I didn’t know which was the best way to reach you. Thank you so much, I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds by directly contacting you. Definitely get back to me if I’ve piqued your interest– I’d love to share more info with you.Best,Tanya M.Official Microsoft

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