Small Business Story – Natasha Radjabova

  • First and last name

Natasha Radjabova

  • Company name


  • Website address

  • Please describe exactly what your business does and your target market (ideal customer)

FaceFlex is an anti-aging facial exercise program targeted for women and men over the age of 30. Our face has about 52 muscles that can be stimulated to increase firmness and elasticity. It uses the same principles of exercise you would use for any other parts of your body. FaceFlex exercise program consists of 22 facial exercises that targets major muscle groups in the face. By working out our muscles in the face, the chance of our faces defying the age is very high.

  • What makes your business different? What is that you do that makes your business unique

There are no facial exercise programs that are available to people in Toronto and I believe Canada. I like to do fun things and this business has been designed to be fun. The workshops are renamed to FaceFlex parties. The atmosphere is very relaxed, but at the same time people learn about facial fitness and how to do exercise.

  • Why did you decide to start your own business? How did you get into your particular business?

I saw a market need. I noticed wrinkles on my forehead and thought they appeared a little bit early. I knew I wanted to get rid of them fast. I researched everything that is possible to tackle this problem. I came across facial exercise program from about 25 years ago. I have reinvented and reshaped the exercises to make them effective and challenging. After testing it on a few people, I have realized that it is a wonderful product that gives people natural face lift without invasive procedures.

  • What’s the best part of being an entrepreneur?

The best part is to see your business succeed. When you see your product helping someone else, it is the feeling of accomplishment and the fact that all your hard work paid back is even better.

  • What’s the worst part of being and entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur does not come without a bad side. I gave up my “stable” full-time job to pursue something that I was absolutely passionate about. This was a very troubling time. The lack of support from people that are very close to you has its consequences. I was strong and I turned that lack of support as a motivation for me. I was on a mission to prove that I can do anything that I want.

Also being an immigrant to this country, there are a lot of things that have to be learned. To start with is the language and in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to know how to sell and without the command of the language that is impossible.

  • How long have you been in business?

I have been in business just under 1 year.

  • How did you raise the start-up cash?

I knew I did not have money to launch my business the way I wanted to, so I have designed to make it very low cost. Some funds I have saved and some I borrowed from friends and family. Another source of a start-up capital is Ontario Government with Summer Company Program

  • Identify and discuss a few lessons you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?

One of the main lessons is to have a positive attitude all the time. Believe in your business and by doing so people will believe in you. Everywhere I go, I talk about what I do and people are amazed about how passionate I am about facial exercise.

Another lesson is to be very consistent and organized with your clients. Your clients are your business. When the client is satisfied, they will share this satisfaction with their friends. When your customers are starting to refer clients to you, this means that you have achieved trust with you clients. You are in a people business, and when people are dissatisfied, there is no business.

  • What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

Know who your clients are and make sure you tailor your business to satisfy the needs of those clients. Understand how your customer reacts to your service. In order to understand that, talk to your customers on a regular basis and receive feedback from them. When customers see that you are interested in what they have to say, they will value you more and in the end you business.

Be very thorough when it comes to your business. On the other hand, try to have fun with it because it if does not bring you happiness then the customers will sense that.

  • Briefly, what are your goals and plans for the future?

My plan is to grow my business and take it on a national level. I think a lot of cities in Canada would benefit from facial fitness. I would also like to publish a small book with exercises. I am researching additional services to add to my business.


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