How to outsource your lead generation

Challenges—Getting telemarketers to work in groups of twos was a challenge. My client was able to get some people for around $10 to $12 per hour plus incentives. If they were good, they invariably moved on a higher paying call centre. He tried some part time students also but they never lasted long. He also did not have an automatic dialer, voice recording application so there were limits to productivity and quality monitoring also. It also occupied him for a fair amount of time as they were seated in the same office and he had to monitor and supervise them.

What we did-We established a written down process and then remote-trained the team.

There is a now team of 2 callers each for two different products. They call up a pre-qualified list of businesses and share information about the product. This is followed up by an email (from the business account) or a fax (from a local number). The call back number that they leave is a “416”number.It takes a series of calls for them to get prospects to a stage where they are willing to meet a sales agent. At this stage, the agent here in the GTA steps in to make a sale.

Benefits to my client-

  1. The sales agent out here has a much higher productivity.
  2. For the telecallers, he does not have to worry about attrition or productivity.
  3. He does not need to invest in the infrastructure—computers, workstations, dialers
  4. It costs much less. The telecallers cost half or less than what they cost here.
  5. He has more time at hand to think about business development and on how to take it to the next level.
  6. Since he is now backed by an organization, he now has the benefit of automatic dialers, voice recording applications, quality audit teams, training teams to support the same effort.

Next level-

We are now taking the process to the next level. The team is now also making proposals and sending it across and following up. The target is to get at least some portion of the sales happening only through the effort of the team.

For more information contact: Amit Walia, President Better Solutions!
Providing Remote Office Management to Small Businesses


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