A great case study on how a small business owner uses a virtual assistant to grow his business

Challenges—my client was unable to afford a full time assistant for a series of tasks, which primarily were-

  1. Listening to incoming phone calls and responding
  2. Preparing a report after checking 4 web-based application and then feeding this report to other members of the team for their actions, first thing in the morning—8AM
  3. Doing some regular research on the web for some refurbished equipment and parts and following up with the sellers.
  4. Following up with prospects/ partners for various things.
  5. Send out proposals.
  6. Book keeping/payroll
  7. Tens of other tasks

What we did— for all regular activities, we established written-down processes and built a service level matrix. Based on his needs, we selected a person with the right skill set (good communications, accounting, and QuickBooks experience) we configured a “416” series number and mapped it to the client’s toll free number.

The assistant starts his day at 6AM, EST and has the main report ready by 8AM. So the rest of the team knows exactly what they have to do for the rest of the day. Once a week, he enters all the invoices (which he receives through email or scanned images) in Quick Books Online. For the rest of the day, he has a series of follow ups and activities to do. He uses fax, telephone, and email in the same manner as he would have done it if he was present here.

End of the day, he sends in a log of what exactly he has done and time spent per activity.


  1. It costs my client half of what it would have cost here.
  2. We have also trained a backup who can step into his shoes if he falls sick. Also, since all the major processes are documented, stepping in will be a lot easier.
  3. He has the benefit of the time difference. It would have been difficult for him to get somebody to work from 6AM, 6 days a week.
  4. It improved the efficiency of the entire team
  5. He does not worry about attrition.

For more information contact: Amit Walia, President Better Solutions!
Providing Remote Office Management to Small Businesses www.bettersolutions.ca


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