Master Your Meetings

Time is a precious commodity to a small business owner. Attending unproductive meetings with customers, suppliers, colleagues, employees and salespeople can be costly and frustrating.

Make the most of your meeting time by following these suggestions:

  • Don’t meet at all. When you’re an entrepreneur or manager, it seems everyone wants to meet with you. Start to just say “no” to meetings you think will waste your time.
  • Do phone calls instead. While some meetings are important to attend, most things can be addressed over the telephone. Suggest a 30-minute phone call rather than meet in person. You’ll be able to end the meeting punctually and cut down on travel time.
  • Circulate an agenda. Too many people “wing it” with meetings and show up unprepared. Ask people who ask to meet with you to prepare a Meeting Agenda. That way you can see if the meeting is really needed or not. And, you’ll be able to add your own items to the agenda.
  • Get people to come to you. It may sound selfish, but try to arrange meetings in your office or your neighbourhood coffee shop instead of traveling to someone else’s place. You’ll save lots of travel time and enjoy a home-court advantage.

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